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"My (not so) Perfect Life" - Sophie Kinsella

"My (not so) Perfect Life" - Sophie Kinsella

Initial Response: Humor and Truth mixed into one perfect combo!

First Sentence: "First: It could be worse." - Sophie Kinsella

From the Reader: Goodness I loved this book and really connected with our main character Katie (our hero, badass, and best friend) I always enjoy reading anything from Kinsella as she has the gift of making all her books so relevant to our lives. I even find myself laughing out loud when I finish. Her characters are beautifully flawed which makes them feel so real, as if you may see them walk down your street. The humor woven through a relatable storyline turned me into a speed reader and the ending left me content and satisfied. 

Best With: NorthEast Minneapolis has an amazing donut/coffee shop that specializes in mini donuts. I stopped by in the morning for some of these delectable purple goodies. Sleepy Vs is well worth the visit! 

Recommend to: Anyone fresh out of college trying their best to make a way in this crazy world, social media addicts, social media haters, a friend that is not too invested in reading since this can be read quick!

Ideal reading spot: Like Katie, I too have a small apartment, so I enjoyed reading at home.

Category: Pure Sunlight: This book is funny, real, and uplifting.

On the Pages: After graduating from Uni, Katie thinks she knows exactly what she wants, to move to London chasing her dreams in advertising. But London life is not all it is cracked up to be no matter how hard Katie(Cat) tries, especially while dealing with a monster boss Demeter, who appears to live the ideal high profile dream life our main character wants so badly. Through some odd events these two find themselves at a Glamping site together, learning so much more about each other than anticipated, while uncovering some truths along the way.

Finale: LIFE.IS.TOUGH. Even when someone you idolize may appear to have it all, you may want to reconsider. We all are dealing with our own issues and problems. Along that note, be kind to everyone, who knows what their circumstances are. 

From: Holland, a very busy bee.

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"Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore" - Robin Sloan

"Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore" - Robin Sloan