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12 tips while reading & traveling

12 tips while reading & traveling

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Flying the skies among the clouds, I love nothing more than an early morning takeoff to a far away place. To heighten the experience I can always be found with a good book & a new playlist.

Although reading while traveling might seem like an effortless task, I have learned some tips during my years that will improve your reading experience. And the better your reading experience, the better your travel time as well.

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ONE : Be open minded. You may want to plan out in advance all the books you want to read while traveling ,but my advise is to go with the flow. I usually bring one or two books with me ,but, if I see something while I am traveling I’m ready for that book to work its way to the top of my queue. Or maybe you’re so busy enjoying your vacation you forget to read, that’s fine too! Your book list is always waiting for you with open arms (or pages).

TWO : Print off your ticket. (I have both an eTicket and printed) to use as a bookmark. Years down the road if you loan out the book or revisit that book yourself you will see where you were traveling and it is sure to bring up fond memories. It also makes for a great picture. The best tickets are the ones printed at the terminal, they still look all old school like, not a printer copy and I’m all about the aesthetics.

THREE : Facemasks are key. I know this is typical, but I tried it and now I will never get on a plane without one. Normally I come off a long flight resembling an ashen zombie. With a facemask I feel refreshed, calmer during flight and my skin is thankful for it. My all time favorite mask is the anything made by “Too Cool for School” which you can find at Ulta and Sephora. Or the Sephora eye masks are small and won’t scare your seat-mates as much!

FOUR : A must read. To fully understand the wonderfulness that is flying, read “The Wright Brothers” by David McCullough. It is perhaps the best historical novel I ever read. it is my #1 book to gift due to its brilliance and information. Please read it.

FIVE : Visit airport book shops if you can. Sometimes a bust, however I find them absolutely fascinating and I have met some amazing book readers in these spaces. On random occasions I will forgo the book I had prepared for a new one recommended by a person at the airport. Worth it? Absolutely.

SIX : Drink water, always. I am horrible at this because of a fear of airplane bathrooms. But do it, you never regret it.

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SEVEN : Get the window seat if possible. You get to control the window light for perfect reading while enjoying the scenery. Being lost in a book while you are among the clouds is a magical thing.

EIGHT : Invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones. I received mine as a Christmas gift and life has never been the same. I would recommend Facebook market or an amazon deal. Also charge them before a flight….I’ve made this mistake.

NINE : Make it a goal to make one new friend. I am an extroverted introvert so it may come a bit easier to me but, meeting a person while traveling provides great perspective and opens your world. And they usually recommend a good book!

TEN : Choose books for the surroundings. I often research my destinations to help inspire the novels I choose. I find it heightens both the experience of the book and the location I am visiting. It’s a small window into the history of the destination. However, don’t be bound to this. If you love high suspense dark mysteries and you are flying to Disney you may find it hard to find a book of your liking. In that case you read what you like! I read almost anything which makes finding a book per my location enjoyable.

ELEVEN : Create a reading playlist. I need the right tunes to de-stress and relax during my flight. I prefer upbeat songs with minimal words and a bit atmospheric. I have a Spotify playlist started but it needs more tweaking.

TWELVE : Enjoy your trip! Yes I am a reader of many books but, you need to know when to put down the book and enjoy the time with your family, friends and self! Remember to set it aside to look around and see the views around you.

I hope some of these tips help you maximize your travel adventure. Whether on a work trip or dream vacation, there is always time to find a minute or two for reading, and if so, I hope you have the window seat.

xo - holland

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Forecasting: Strong winter reads with a chance of snow

Forecasting: Strong winter reads with a chance of snow