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Forecasting: Strong winter reads with a chance of snow

Forecasting: Strong winter reads with a chance of snow


Reading Queue: A fantastic dive into the winter months, featuring an array of novels whose only similarity ends with the weather description. For that reason I am almost giddy with excitement as I jump into these reads. 

Thoughts while shopping: There are two main things that get me into the Holiday spirit, Christmas Trees & Snowy Bookshop Windows. If I was to ever to see a Christmas Tree in a Snowy Bookshop Window I may just explode from the excitement. To start the season I went on a small book-shopping-spree for some new reads to start the winter off right. I wanted to find books with a common “winteriness” about them but would show different outlooks into the season. Minnesota is almost exclusively known for it’s winters, and rightfully so. Months of never ending shoveling and layers upon layers of clothing to keep out the chill. Last year our winter was so intense I decided to start off on a happier note, books. Books that help me see the joys, beauty and magic of snow. As I tumbled through the stacks on my delighted but feverish hunt I made friends with the storekeeper who also persuaded me into a Country Western, which is best described at a different time. 

First Up: “One Day in December” a Novel by Josie Silver

On Deck: "“The Bear and the Nightingale” by Katherine Arden

Standby: “Bear Town” A Novel by Fredrik Backman

Reading Goals: Tis’ the Holiday season and my schedule is unforgiving as there are so many people to see and gifts to give. Truthfully, I struggle seeing the beauty in the season due to the continual demands to get everything done. To combat these overall grinchy moods I want to schedule in reading time for myself, soaking in those quite peaceful moments.

Overview: My ultimate hope is that by reading these 3 books I can learn to overlook the “expectations” of the season and make it my own. I will bee seeking what does best for me, so I can then do best for those around me. May be lots to ask of three novels but I have high hopes  

PS. Please let me know if you have any books that would fit my winter que. I am more than willing to take suggestions!  

With Love, a very busy bee


Winter Queue

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12 tips while reading & traveling

12 tips while reading & traveling

Why am I starting this endeavor? An answer for you and me.

Why am I starting this endeavor? An answer for you and me.