Hello fellow reader.

Welcome to my blog. I provide a new stylish way to pick and choose your next book. Start your pot of tea and stay awhile! 

Why am I starting this endeavor? An answer for you and me.

Why am I starting this endeavor? An answer for you and me.

Why hello there, 

Finding a book is an adventure, reading a good book is splendid, recommending a book is extraordinary…for these reasons and many more I was compelled to do this. 

I am a chronic reader, trying to squeeze all possible minutes into my current book of choice. I attempt to in the morning, while cooking, during lunch break, audio books on the road, waiting in line, biking at the gym and those late hours into the night when I should be sleeping. I just adore it, I find it fills me with stories, imagination, new ideas and a small, but growing understanding of different worlds, countries, religions, people and environments. 

However I do find myself growing increasingly busy, in an attempt to bring clarity in my life I am scaling back on some unnecessary habits in my day to day life to make more time for a constructive project, hence Thee Reader Bee.

Although it is bound to happen time and time again, I do not enjoy reading a bad book, and reading a few duds in a row can veer some away from reading for a lengthy portion of time. or entirely (sad to say) There is a silver lining as bad books make good books even better, but who has time for too many disappointments in a row? 

One splendid thing in this world is a friend or acquaintance asking my advice for a good read. I learn what they have already read, enjoy reading and what they hope to read. I process this information through my own mental library, offering several suggestions that may satisfy their literary needs. Never suggesting just one book as they need their own freedoms of choice as well. 

To harness this love of mine, and to help fellow readers in search of their new favorite book I wanted to create a site that made finding a book fun again! No disrespect for book stores, however I find their categories dull and generic.

I will be making my own categories that break the boundaries of any genre we now know. How many of us have passed entire sections of a book store, merely because we know we do not like that category? Each section has something to offer, a jewel inside that can be of use to us, we must look past these boundaries to ensure our literary minds are open to all the books out there for us to read. We may be pleasantly surprised! 

Here is to a new adventure, an open mind, good style, looking past genres and to the books…..so many books. 

- Holland (a very busy bee)

Forecasting: Strong winter reads with a chance of snow

Forecasting: Strong winter reads with a chance of snow