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"The Wright Brothers" - David McCullough

"The Wright Brothers" - David McCullough

Initial Response: Inspiring

First Sentence: "From ancient times and into the Middle Ages, man had dreamed of taking to the sky, of soaring into the blue like the birds." - David McCullough

From the Reader: I feel that anything is posible and have a renewed determination in my goals. Honestly, I was worried this historical book would bore me slightly but I was wrapped up in the story immediately. This was a brave family who deserve all the credit for flight. Thank you Wright brothers, you are an inspiration. - Holland

Best With: Water & healthy snacks - stay energized.

Exclamation: I must invent something! 

Recommend to: The history-buff friend, intellectual uncles, anyone ever who has an interest in flying, motor lovers, quiet and peaceful types: it makes an excellent mothers/fathers day gift (granted if they enjoy reading).

Ideal reading spot: I took this book with me on my recent trip to Hawaii. Reading how human flight started during my flight through the air was an extremely fulfilling experience. I felt I was on a field trip again, truly being able to appreciate the amazing plane I was riding in! At times I would look out the window in absolute awe for achieving such a view was no easy work. 

Category: Clear Skies. It is indeed a historical book so the plot is a scattering of events around real people and events. It will lift you up (pun intended) but has a serious note, which is needed since the Wright brothers were serious as well, but full of determination and wise words. 

Finale: Enjoy & never stop inventing 

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"Wonder" - R.J. Palacio

"Wonder" - R.J. Palacio